Creating Floor Plans.

  • Hi,

    I removed the urls for googlemaps.js and bingmaps.js from vtourskin.xml action "skin_startup" and removed the js files from the plugin folder. It seems there is no problems with this. Do you think there could be any problems or is it safe to do so? I don't want my tour to load the google api, only using floorplan plugin.

    Thanks for your input.


  • Hi, use the native krpano tool to align north.
    Disable in the plugin "KEEPVIEW" and set in the tour loadscene_flags = "KEEPVIEW"
    You will no longer need to align the radars in the plug-in, just initially correct the compass. If you set the correct north everywhere, the radar will automatically show correctly and should work normally in vr mode

    Hey Alex,

    before 1.20.10 I created my tour, aligned all scenes using floorplan plugin, positioned all hotspots, now stumbling over this vr keepview problem.

    Is there a way to fix it without prealigning all scenes and hotspots from scratch?

    //edit: The Keepview settings work in simulated-browser-webvr mode by the way.

    Thanks and best,

  • This is a test version. The plugin has been completely redesigned and works with krpano version from 1.21 I have not made a description yet, but I recorded an example on YouTube .
    You can download demo plugin. This is a fully working version, only there is an inscription - demo
    Now you do not need to enter a password. But the plugin is tied to your krpano license
    a window with a plan is a frame in which a flat pano with a plan opens.

  • Hi all! Creating Floor Plans v2.1 update. krpano version 1.21

    • The plugin uses layers for plan images.
    • Setting the width and height, x y values of the plan window in the editor.
    • The height of the plan window is set automatically in proportion to the width of the plan
    • If there are several plans, you can set the window width for each plan individually.
    • The plan expands to the set width but not more than the width of the screen
    • You can visually change the radar scale and save changes for each plan.
    • Set the plan to close if the panorama is not on the plans, and show the plan if the current panorama is present on the plan.
    • Ability to display the drop-down list of plans separately and customize its design.
    • Ability to create your own buttons and assign them to open the desired plans.

    The navigation module is a paid add-on for those who have already purchased the plugin. Included in the plugin for those who purchase the plugin:

    • Automatic placement of arrows at created points.
    • Manual selection of transition arrows.
    • Adjust the size, position height and inclination of the arrows.
    • Ability to correct the position of each arrow.
    • Navigation by clicking in the direction of the arrow.
    • Ability to visually change the radar scale and save changes for each plan.
    • Ability to replace the arrow image and customize your own style for the arrows.

    An example of how the new version of YouTube works.


  • Hi all! Creating Floor Plans v2.2 update. krpano version 1.21

    • Added a panel with advanced settings, where you can disable/enable various options and change some project settings.
    • Added an input panel for individual icons for a point (before and after viewing the panorama), disabling keepview for an individual point. A panel appears at each point in edit mode if this option is enabled.
    • Added setting width/height for mobile devices
    • Added a switchable option - Hide the plan window if there is no open panorama on the plan, show the plan window if there is a current panorama on it.
    • Moved the action of creating compass marks to the file style_Flpl.xml (open source), you can customize it at your discretion.
    • Fixed the problem of entering color in the editor line.

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