Architectural View in WebVR

  • Howdy Klaus,

    When a scene's architectural view is set, say to 1, the view shifts weirdly in VR mode. You would never want it in VR even if you really want it in non-VR. But to have that I have to add code to set architectural to 0 in VR mode and return it to whatever it was when not in VR mode. That can get complicated. Wouldn't it make more sense for KRPano to automatically disregard view.architectural in VR mode?

  • Hi,

    hmm... but the WebVR plugin is already setting view.architectural to 0 every frame...
    (and additionally also doing a backup and restore of the setting when entering or leaving the VR mode, also for several view settings)

    So... are you sure that this is the problem...?

    Best regards,

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