Converting 2 large files to a single large KRO for conversion to cube

  • Hi, I have a gigapixel image which is 300,000 x 60,000 pixels. It's cylindrical with the horizon offset. HFOV = 180, VFOV=45 (the photo is of only land, there is no sky)

    I need to convert a cylindrical image which exists as 2 master files (each is 300,000px wide PSB) to Cubic.

    My question: Do I need to combine the source files into a single KRO first, and then convert to cube? Or can I do it all in one go?


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  • Jeffrey,

    Just use the "Convert SPHERE CUBE Droplet" tool of krpano.

    I created for you a test case: I changed the original spherical pano (360x180 100.000x50.000px ) to a cylindrical 360x83 10.000x2.816px in PTGui.
    Then I dropped the image on the "Convert SPHERE CUBE Droplet" and made out of cube the multiresolution vtour:
    I haven't limited the view of the testcase's vtour to not see the zenith and nadir parts of the panorama.


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