Is there any way to create back an equirectangular panorama from the multiresolution folders?

  • Hello!

    Is there a way to recreate an equirectangular panorama from the images in the multiresulution folders???

    Lost the original stitched panoramas and need to create a new interface.

    Tnks for any help!

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  • hi!

    my example:

    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_b/l4/%0v/l4_b_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_b.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_d/l4/%0v/l4_d_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_d.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_f/l4/%0v/l4_f_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_f.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_l/l4/%0v/l4_l_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_l.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_r/l4/%0v/l4_r_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_r.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles 001.tiles/mres_u/l4/%0v/l4_u_%0v_%0h.jpg pano_u.tif 0 -insize=3183x3183 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools cube2sphere -b=pano_b.tif -d=pano_d.tif -f=pano_f.tif -l=pano_l.tif -r=pano_r.tif -u=pano_u.tif -o=pano.tif

  • Hello. Where or how do I run this code? Can you explain more in detail please. Tnks!

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