GPS coordinates, panoramic tour, xml, html

  • Can anybody help me? I have some questions.
    Firstly, if a panoramic shot has GPS coordinates and north orientation in its data, then has your library an opportunity to take it into account during the point installation on the map? Are any additional acts required for correct displaying?
    Secondly, we are planning to place many panoramic shots on the map in our project. A panoramic tour with its own file in html and xml will generate for each shot. However we consider that it will be unpractical to put them in one tour, because there may be a great quantity of panoramic shots. Could you give us a piece of advice, if there is a possibility to go from one panorama to another? And how can it be done with standard methods of your product? How to do it better to implement this task with the help of your product? It is also connected with the fact, that there will be a lot of POI in all panoramic shots. It will be unpractical to add all POI from 1000 shots in one xml file. So we decided it would be more correct to make each panoramic shot as separate virtual tour and all POI to this panorama will be in its file. How can we make correct transition between panoramic shots?
    Best regards,
    Andrei Shein

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,
    Andrey Shein

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