A problem with livepano(Embedded video,a plu-gin published by kolor company) in the VR model can not be loaded.

  • hello !

    • I have a problem when I used livepano to generate embedded video, browsing in mobile mode :(as shown below)
    • http://grid999.com/images/a1.jpg
    • when I clicked on the hot spot icon, very good, video loaded and the flight attendant started talking.
    • However, when the situation comes to VR headset mode, you need to click the hot icon in mobile mode before entering VR headset mode, video will be loaded, otherwise the embedded video will be like the picture below, the pointer will keep turning, but no video comes out.
    • http://grid999.com/images/a2.jpg
    • Every scene changed needs to go back to the mobile mode, click the hot spot and enter the VR headset mode again and again…
    • How should this be solved?

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