When will release new version?

  • Hi Klaus,
    you have very good vision and really very good developer. I have at least 5 years krpano with branding free license. I use especially with VR glasses projects. I wonder when will release new version?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    soon! *wink*

    Sorry for the delay of course, I know the next release already takes much longer than expected, but there are some reasons for that:
    - some features were more complicated and complex than first tought (e.g. drawing polygonal hotspots/lines in WebGL)
    - I have added way more features then originally planned (more details on that on release)
    - as always there were some annoying browser bugs and updates that requiere time to analyze and fix or workaround
    - I was forced to update the forum software myself because of the PHP7 update
    - there will be also a small webdesign/forum update with the next release
    - and some private reasons (new house, birth of second son) that also took some time *wink*

    But the overall ongoing work is great and I can't wait to present it. There are still some things to do, but I'm confident to be able to release the next version still this year.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for your information. We believe you. You are best in VR software's.

  • KLAUS! CONGRATULATION!!! *thumbsup*

    Second son, the proud of daddy - and of course mum... *thumbup*
    And we all dads know, how fundamental this time is!
    PS: And many thanks for improving the player - we all can`t wait... *g*

  • Hi Klaus,
    Do you have any date for new version. We are still waiting without patient.

    Best regards,

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