• Dear Forum
    hallo klaus

    after a hard crash I have to make some pictures about retile.
    I've tried to be smart from all the forum contributions but unfortunately I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    first i looked for the image tile path, tilesize, tiledimagewidth and tiledimageheight from xml

    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512">
    <level tiledimagewidth="9216" tiledimageheight="9216">
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l5/%v/l5_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="4608" tiledimageheight="4608">
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l4/%v/l4_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="2304" tiledimageheight="2304">
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1152" tiledimageheight="1152">
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="576" tiledimageheight="576">
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/mobile_%s.jpg" />

    than i tryed to but this into cmd
    C:/krpano/krpanotools64.exe maketiles C:/krpano/panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l5/%v/l5_%s_%v_%h.jpg retiled.tif 0 -insize=9216x9216 -intilesize=512

    krpano maketiles tools 1.19-pr16 - 64bit (build 2018-04-04)
    ERROR: unable to open inputimage C:/krpano/panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l5/1/l5_%s_1_1.jpg

    can help me anyone with this

  • found the problem
    in the xml file is a placeholder sign for L,R,F,B,D and Up (%s)

    <cube url="panos/turm_laterne.tiles/%s/l5/%v/l5_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />

    for the retile i had to use

    C:\krpano\krpanotools64.exe maketiles C:\krpano\panos\turm_latrine.tiles\l\l5\%v\l5_l_%v_%h.jpg C:\krpano\panos\p_l.tif 0 -insize=9472x9472 -intilesize=512


  • Hi
    I want to ask you for help with re tile, I still don't know where I'm making a mistake

    <image> <cube url="ob_sphere.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,768,1792,3584" /> </image>

    C:\Users\LaMa\Desktop\xxx>krpanotools.exe maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/l/l%l/%v/l%l_l_%v_%h.jpg obyv.tiff 0 -insize=10834x5417 -intilesize=512 -tiffcompress=none

    krpano maketiles tools 1.20.7 - 64bit (build 2020-05-26)
    ERROR: unable to open inputimage ob_tiles/l/l%l/1/l%l_l_1_1.jpg

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  • Hi,

    the right information need to be exacted from this line: *wink*

    <cube url="ob_sphere.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,768,1792,3584" />

    - cube = means this is cubical pano with six-sides/images
    . multires = a multi-resolution image with multiple levels
    - 512 = the tilesize
    - 3584 = the cubesize of the largest level - and there are 3 levels (768,1792,3584)
    - %l = the placeholder for the level - 3 for the largest level in this case
    - %s = the placeholder for the cubeside: l,f,r,b,u,d

    As first step the tiles from each cube-side need to be merged:

    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/l/l3/%v/l3_l_%v_%h.jpg obyv_l.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/f/l3/%v/l3_f_%v_%h.jpg obyv_f.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/r/l3/%v/l3_r_%v_%h.jpg obyv_r.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/b/l3/%v/l3_b_%v_%h.jpg obyv_b.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/u/l3/%v/l3_u_%v_%h.jpg obyv_u.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512
    krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/d/l3/%v/l3_d_%v_%h.jpg obyv_d.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512

    and then as second step the cube-sides converted to a spherical image.
    This could done using the 'Convert SPHERE CUBE Droplet' or also by command line:

    krpanotools cubetosphere -l=obyv_l.tiff -f=obyv_f.tiff -r=obyv_r.tiff  -b=obyv_b.tiff -u=obyv_u.tiff -d=obyv_d.tiff -o=obyv.tif

    For more information see also here:

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus.
    Thank you for your willingness to help.
    it gives me an error in the very first step

    C:\Users\LaMa\Desktop\xxx>krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/l/l3/%v/l3_l_%v_%h.jpg obyv_l.tiff 0 -insize=3584 -intilesize=512
    ERROR: invalid or bad argument: -insize=3584

    Edited once, last by laco (May 3, 2023 at 2:01 PM).

  • Hi Klaus.
    I got it, there was a small mistake

    C:\Users\LaMa\Desktop\xxx>krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/l/l3/%v/l3_l_%v_%h.jpg obyv_l.tiff 0 -insize=3584 -intilesize=512
    ERROR: invalid or bad argument: -insize=3584

    C:\Users\LaMa\Desktop\xxx>krpanotools maketiles ob_sphere.tiles/l/l3/%v/l3_l_%v_%h.jpg obyv_l.tiff 0 -insize=3584x3584 -intilesize=512

    krpano maketiles tools 1.20.7 - 64bit (build 2020-05-26)
    inputtiles: ob_sphere.tiles/l/l3/%v/l3_l_%v_%h.jpg - 7x7 tiles - profile:sRGBz (492 byte) - RGB
    outputimage: obyv_l.tiff - 3584x3584 - RGB
    making image...

    Well thank you

  • Laco, could you please describe step by step the procedure and the codes used to achieve the result. Those of us who are not very code experts find it a bit difficult to implement such solutions.
    When we open the command line using Windows Key+R and then cmd, it appears: C:\Users\xxxx> and if we do it by typing cmd in the explorer's address bar, it appears:C:\Windows\System32> Which one should we use? thanks for your help

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