Capture part of the screen

  • Any one can help me solve this problem, i need to capture part of the multires image, but i can't obtain just the part that is in the frame, here is the sample

    thank you

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  • jvh,
    Apparently you need to allow viewing your scene over the whole image. Right now your <view is limited by the limitwiew=auto. Change it to limitview=off.
    Another story is the container size of the snapshot image. You need to adjust it to a better width/height.

  • Hi jvh,
    Seems there is a better solution. Make the snapshot container dragable. In the 'makescreenshot' action of the krpano add:

    container.ondown = "draglayer()";

    And add the draglayer actionto your tour.xml or your code container xml file.

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