Multires and VR - Loading issue

  • Hi,

    I created a VR Tour only with multires panos, no webVR optimized panos, because the zoom-option is needed.
    The first pano is shown sharp, everything ok. But if I go to the next scene, the pano is a little bit unsharp. It seems like the wrong level is loaded...
    The only workaround I found for this problem was to zoom in and zoom out (only just a little bit) in the onloadcomplete event:

    onloadcomplete="if(webvr.isenabled, tween(webvr.zoom, 1.001, 1, linear, tween(webvr.zoom, 1, 1, linear);););"

    A bug?
    Anyone else who had the same issue?

    Best regards,

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