Custom Plugin Action not called

  • Dear Krpano Team,
    I seem to have made an error in my custom plugin, but could also not find a working example elsewhere in the internet. I suppose the mistake is obvious and hope one of you could point me to it with a few lines:…nown-registered
    In a nutshell:
    I use

    And try to call it via hotspot onclick

    <hotspot  name="hotspot_171" style="link_hs_sm"  url="%CURRENTXML%/add_hotspot/picture/icon-text.png" distorted="true" alpha="1" capture="true" depth="1000" flying="0" handcursor="true" zorder="5" zoom="false"
                ath="160.8416" atv="-37.4461" width="50" height="prop" rx="0" ry="0" rz="0" ox="0" oy="0" rotate="0" scale="1" edge="center"
                install_onclick="3" name_hs="hotspot_171" scene_EL="scene_8" info_Ah="add_hotspot/text/leipzig-test.html" fov_EL="140" enabled2="true" visible2="true" drag_hs="true"

    But only get: WARNING: Unknown action: jsbmodal

    Thx a lot for some insight on this!
    Maybe also the documentation could be updated a bit to make more clear, how the "dosomething" example action is used lateron in the xml?
    Thx a lot!

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