Krpano updates, future and your thoughts?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been using krpano for 3 years now, and although I don't post often i read forum almost daily.

    I somehow can't escape the feeling that Panotour has been driver for more frequent updates, at least to some degree. In previous years there used to be more than 10 updates yearly, in recent years average was around 6. Now that Kolor is dead, there hasn't been an update for 15 months.
    Since my company uses krpano for around 50% of projects (which means 50% of revenue) i have some concerns about relying on it for future projects.

    Personally, i wouldn't mind paying yearly subscription, instead of one time licence fee, if that meant regular updates, more new features and road-map on which we could count on.

    Please share your thoughts and concerns, and of course, I invite Klaus to give us his perspective.


  • for me personally,

    • I don't make money using krpano for commercial third-party projects, so paying for a subscription would make me abandon krpano
    • I would like to see a roadmap with voting and suggestion options
  • It seems reasonable to me to be paying a modest yearly maintenance fee which gives you access to support and upgrades. Generally speaking I commit to financially support a product and its developer/company, and in turn the developer/company should be committed to developing the product in a timely manner, offering a product "roadmap" etc.

    I don't give away my services for free so why should anyone else?

  • +1

    As vragec said, I wouldn`t mind paying a yearly fee, or a fee for major updates, if I would get frequently updates and a road map, sometimes perhaps a better support.
    Klaus does such a great work which I want to support...
    We use krpano nearly 70%!

    A good topic, thanks vragec!

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