krpano and pico interactive headset

  • Hi everybody,
    I have a Pico VR headset (G2 4k) and i would like to play krpano virtual tour.

    I use the vr example from Krpano website. When i enter in vr mode, the screen of the browser is divided in two parts and krpano is asking for mobile vr setup.
    In my oculus Go and oculus Quest, krpano switch well in vr mode.

    What should i modified in krpano parameters to make it work with the Pico headset?
    Thanks for your help :)

  • If you go onto the headset and click on the viveport app you can sign up (don't need to pay) and then download Firefox Reality which is the only proper WebVR Browser for Pico. It automatically goes into VR Mode.
    It's important to be aware that the thumb pad of the controller acts like a sort of scroll. When you touch it during the depth map VR tours it's seemingly out of control and you can get nauseous pretty quickly.
    Anyway - have fun.

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