• That's the intended behavior, the event will be sent once the current view is filled with any content, that can be also the preview pano or lower-res tiles.

    Ok, but in that case I don't really get the difference between onpreviewcomplete and onloadcomplete ?

    onviewloaded seems to work fine, but it seems that progress.progress will reach 1 onloadcomplete and not onviewloaded, is there a trick to attach progress.progress to onviewloaded ?
    Thx Klaus !

  • I have already started working on a PTP update package, but that might still take 1-2 weeks.

    But generally using krpano 1.20 with PTP would be already possible:
    - either by manually updating/replacing the krpano files of an PTP output,
    - or by following the upgrade instructions in the PTP license menu.

    But that will only update the krpano viewer and plugin. To be able use the new features like VR-controller support, partial-pano support, new sound support and so on the PTP template files would need be to adjusted and updated. That's what I'm already working on.

    Dear King Klaus, Please kindly do the controller support for ptp we are so thankful for this. you are a pano techno GOD for suree

  • Then means when the size is wrong, the values in that database are wrong.
    To find out more, please post the user-agent-string and the correct size of your affected devices.
    Btw - even when it's a 'Samsung S7' there can be multiple different user-agents (e.g. depending on the country where sold).

    Hi Klaus, you asked for the user agent string. Here is the one from our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is always falsely detected in WebVR Settings:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; SM-N950F) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.92 Mobile Safari/537.36

    This one should have a correct Display Size of 6.3"

    It would be really bothersome and a real deterioration, if we have to tell all our customers that they now have to do the vr settings on their own, as they don't even know whats wrong. They just say "it's looking really bad now". *confused*

  • Hi,


    Hi Klaus, you asked for the user agent string. Here is the one from our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is always falsely detected in WebVR Settings:

    Thanks, I have already 'fixed' that problem. There is now an special internal database with Samsung devices are their real screen size. Additionally it will be now easily possible to add own devices in the xml. The release with that 'fixes' should be out next week.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks, I have already 'fixed' that problem.

    Thanks for fixing it :)

    Unfortunately i found another bug. The new soundinterface is working on iOS in VR Mode now correctly without the need of touch. But now sounds are not beeing played in normal view mode on iOS. The sound only begins to play on entering VR mode and it also stops playing again when i exit VR Mode.

  • Hi,

    a small update for krpano 1.20 is here: krpano 1.20.1

    It fixes several smaller bugs - full list here: Release Notes 1.20.1 - and brings also some new improvements:

    Improved 3D Sound Support

    • The new 3D sound support from the previous version was completely redone, instead of using the browser for the 3D calculations, krpano does the calculations by its own by default now. This way the 3D sounds work the same in all browsers now.
    • Additionally there is now again support for a directional 'range' for the sounds.
    • Here a new small demo example for Directional 3D Sounds:

    Improved MobileVR/Cardboard Support

    • To be able to support Samsung devices with varing screen resolutions there is a new additional device-database with the phyiscal screensizes. This database is directly defined in the xml and easy and quick to maintain.
    • More information here: https://krpano.com/plugins/webvr/#mobilevr_device_database
    • The default webvr.xml already includes several devices, especially many of the new Samsung devices.

    Generate High-Resolution Screenshot Renderings by using Tiles from Higher-Resolution Levels

    • There is a new image.loadstate variable for checking the current loading state.
    • Together with some other settings this allows to force loading higher-resolution tiles and then to make a new screenshot rendering using that higher-resolution tiles.
    • Here an example: Makescreenshot Example

    Update Package for Panotour Pro

    • In this releases there is an update package for the Kolor Panotour Pro software included.
    • It allows using Panotour Pro with the latest krpano version and some of its new features.
    • The updage package can be installed with one click in the krpano Tools application.
    • More information here: krpano Update Package for Kolor Panotour Pro

    Best regards,

  • krpano 1.21

    Hello Klaus perfect!! I've been waiting a long time this implementation.Very thanks!

    In Panotour the 'Encrypt Xml FIle' setting does'nt work (fatal error in parsing file: 01data/nametour.xml) . Is it possible automatically with PTP?

    If i see the pano in oculus go:
    - Firefox browser; (no encrypted) the error is (fatal error in parsing file:01data/nametour.xml).
    - oculus browser; it works but the buttons are large (no resizing).

    EUGENIO MILANO *smile*

    Edited 8 times, last by eugenio_milano (October 3, 2019 at 6:27 AM).

  • Hi,

    The good old flash 360 sound is now back in html5 and that is a great news !!!

    There is a limitation when it comes to the encryption and protection settings - the output will use the license and protecting settings from krpano and not the one from PTP. PTP will simply pass-through them.

    That means if you want to encrypt files this would need to be done manually after the PTP output by using the krpano tools (just drop in the xml files you want to encrypt). But with the new encryption system from krpano, these files will be even safer encrypted ;-).

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus,

    sound a great update, but, for information, my anti-virus (AVG) detect a virus when I try to open krpano Tools.exe (on Windows PC).

    It found "FileRepMalware".

    I guess it's wrong, but I prefer notice to you.


  • sound a great update, but, for information, my anti-virus (AVG) detect a virus when I try to open krpano Tools.exe (on Windows PC).

    I can guarantee there is no virus!
    That's a typical false-positive. Such happens often after new releases, because the new files are relatively unknown, as soon as more users are loading and using the version, the virus scanners will update their databases and that warnings should go away.

  • Hi,

    a quick note when there are problems with the Panotour Pro Update Package:

    • The detection of the Panotour Pro installation currently doesn't work on Window systems when using a custom 'Documents' folder path.
    • The krpano Tools app is currently looking for this folder to detect if Panotour Pro is installed:
      %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Kolor\PanotourPro 2\
    • And when Windows was adjusted to use a custom 'Documents' folder path, this check doesn't work.
    • A workaround for the moment would be to manually create that folder, then install the update and then manually copy the folders from there to the real Panotour Pro user folder.
    • In the next release custom 'Documents' folder paths will be supported too.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    I have some problems with the new krpanotools.exe (1.20.1).
    When I start a program it shows an error 'fatal error - spawn EPERM'.

    That means the system doesn't allow the krpano Tools app to load the krpanotools.exe. For some reason the system blocks it.

    Please check if there is something on your system that might block running other programs, maybe a bad virus scanner or something like that.

    Best regards,

  • Thanx a lot for the Panotour package update !
    When adding a basic hotspot to go to another scene a warning message is displayed in the logs : WARNING: Unknown action: events.dispatch ?

    I also see warning messages in log of the Panotour project

    All events.dispatch produses warnings.
    There is an action

    <action name="mainloadscene">
    if (xml.scene != %1, events.dispatch(onleavingscene, true);

    If I call this action in Chrome devtools - no warnings in the krpano log.

    Also, there was a warning for jsget....

    With the new package for Panotour the html file isn't generated ? (tried on on new built project)

    I did with fullpage.html template - works ok

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