How to use in krpano the Google Photo Sphere metadata

  • I am getting wrong result using krpano 1.20.2 to generate VTour from images with Google Photo Sphere metadata.

    I used the default MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet passing an image that has following metadata:

    Cropped Area Image Height Pixels: 3000
    Cropped Area Image Width Pixels : 6720
    Cropped Area Left Pixels : 0
    Cropped Area Top Pixels : 0
    Full Pano Height Pixels : 3360
    Full Pano Width Pixels : 6720
    Initial Camera Dolly : 0.0
    Initial Horizontal FOV Degrees : 90
    Initial View Heading Degrees : 23
    Initial View Pitch Degrees : 0
    Initial View Roll Degrees : 0
    Pose Heading Degrees : 23.07
    Pose Pitch Degrees : 0.0
    Pose Roll Degrees : 0.0
    Projection Type : equirectangular
    Stitching Software : mc360photo
    Use Panorama Viewer : True

    As you can see the image is a full 360° panorama with nadir section cropped; metadata tells that image is starting from Zenith (Cropped Area Top Pixels: 0) but is limited in height at 3000px (Cropped Area Image Height Pixels: 3000) instead of the 3360px of the full sphere (Full Pano Height Pixels: 3360)

    But krpano create a tour.xml that has the horizont in the middle of the image (1500px from the top) instead at the proper position at 1680px from the top. This is the generated <view> element in the tour.xml:

    <view hlookat="23.1" vlookat="0.0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="120" maxpixelzoom="2.0" fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="range" vlookatmin="-80.357" vlookatmax="80.357" />

    Is it possible to generate automatically a correct VTour from images with the Nadir part cropped and Google Photo Sphere metadata properly set?

    Thanks for help

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