• Hi,

    There is a new release everpano 3D 1.2.0

    News in everpano 3D 1.2.0:

    Amazon Web Services with S3 integration

    Upload your projects to your own S3 buckets with the ease of a simple click.
    Forget worrying about your servers, your inodes, your bandwith capacity. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This means customers of all sizes and industries can use it to store and protect any amount of data for a range of use cases. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability, and stores data for millions of applications for companies all around the world.
    • Create an AWS account

      You need to create an AWS account or use your current one. This is a simple and quick process, just go to https://aws.amazon.com/ and create a new account. AWS Accounts Include 12 Months of Free Tier Access, so you can test it, and see how well it performs

      create aws account

    • Get your access key

      In order for everpano 3D to access your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, the Access Key and the Secret Access Key are required. The Access Key and the Secret Access Key are not your standard user name and password, but are special tokens that allow the app to upload the projects to your S3 buckets.

      To find your Access Key and Secret Access Key:

      1. Log in to your AWS Management Console.
      2. Click on your user name at the top right of the page.
      3. Click on the My Security Credentials link from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click on Create new access key.
      5. Click on the Show access key, and copy the Secret Access Key, or download a csv file.
      get aws acces key

    • Configure the AWS account in everpano 3D

      Once you already have created your account, you can go to everpano 3D and with the item menu Help -> Configure AWS you will get this window to input the values of your account

      configure aws account

    • Create your first bucket

      Now you are ready to create buckets so you can organize your projects, that would depend on your needs, maybe you prefer to have a single bucket for all your project, or maybe you want to divide it and have one bucket per client.
      You need to select one of the regions in the list. It should be the most close to your most audience in order to improve latency

      Important: if you already owned and AWS account, and already have existent buckets, you can synchronize them in the app in order to start using them : menu Help -> Update S3 Buckets

      create an S3 bucket
    • Upload your project

      You have your S3 configuration ready, now it's time to have a finished project to upload. Once your project is done go to Project -> Upload Project to S3 or ⌘ + U in mac or Ctrl + U in windows

      Upload your project to S3

    What can not be done

    everpano 3D is obviously not a S3 manager, so there are some options that can not be achieved from with in the app, like creating users, assigning specific polices to buckets, and most important what can not be done from the app, is deleting. We created a simple yet powerful bridge to easily upload your projects to industry-leading web service provider.

    What do I need

    Some users may think they may need to configure an extra EC2 instance to upload a zip to S3 and then unzip it, or maybe some extra software, but the answer is, definitely NO, you just need your aws account and your everpano 3D app License. With that you can start uploading your projects at the speed of the light. We have performed some big upload test with the next results :

    uploaded 20.200 files, that weight 903 MB in total in 2:20 minutes

    Upload speed test

    Important: upload speed will change depending on your internet connection. Those test are performed using fibre-optic internet connection

    everpano UI 1.0.0 - NEW JS Plugin

    Simplify the creation of virtual tours, now everpano 3D includes for free the first version of a new plugin that will make easy to create a full virtual tour with hotspots, menu with thumbnails, VR mode.

    Create a nice tour, just by dragging panos to a new project, rendering it, and together with the new S3 feature, get it into production just in few minutes.

    • Foldable menu with thumbnails and pano title
    • Automatically generated perspective thumbnails
    • 3D transition when tour contains a 3D model
    • Next / previous buttons
    • VR mode
    • Fullscreen mode

    //                                                      _ 
    //   _____   _____ _ __ _ __   __ _ _ __   ___    _   _(_)
    //  / _ \ \ / / _ \ '__| '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _ \  | | | | |
    // |  __/\ V /  __/ |  | |_) | (_| | | | | (_) | | |_| | |
    //  \___| \_/ \___|_|  | .__/ \__,_|_| |_|\___/   \__,_|_|
    //                     |_|                                
    <plugin name="everpano_ui" keep="true" devices="html5" url="%VIEWER%/plugins/everpano_ui.js"
        vrPosition = "left"
        fullscreenPosition = "right"

        menuOpen = "0"
        menuAnimation = "1"
        showPanoTitle = "true"
        showNextPrevious = "1"
        showNPTooltips = "1"

    navigator Plugin 1.0.10

    There are some new features in the navigator plugin :
    • new API to control the plugin walking effect from outside the plugin
      //      _                                   _             _ 
      //   __| |_ __ __ _  __ _    ___ ___  _ __ | |_ _ __ ___ | |
      //  / _` | '__/ _` |/ _` |  / __/ _ \| '_ \| __| '__/ _ \| |
      // | (_| | | | (_| | (_| | | (_| (_) | | | | |_| | | (_) | |
      //  \__,_|_|  \__,_|\__, |  \___\___/|_| |_|\__|_|  \___/|_|
      //                  |___/                                   

      <layer name="walkinfo_touch" keep="true" type="text" align="bottom" y="85"
          html="drag around[br]for walking" bgalpha="0.3" devices="handheld"
          css="color:#FFFFFF;text-align:center;" txtshadow="0 1 4 0x000000 1.0"
          width="140" height="140" bgroundedge="180"

      <action name="dragcontrol" scope="local">
                  calc(walkaround.forward, (mouse.y - my) * -0.25);
                  calc(walkaround.left,    (mouse.x - mx) * -0.25);
                  copy(mx, mouse.x);
                  copy(my, mouse.y);
              set(walkaround.left, 0);
              set(walkaround.forward, 0);
    • Floor hotspots. New system to allow floor hotspots when there is no geometry in your project.
      When you create a project that does not have geometry, but has references, so panoramas are linked together, when you render that project, everpano 3D will ask if you want to give some additional usage for that tour, we have 2 options here :
      1. navigator hotspots
      2. external depthmap

      If we choose the first one, the navigator plugin will get configured so it can print the hotspots correctly.
      The next attributes allow to customize the aspect of the floor hotspots :
      floorspots = "true"
      floorstylesize = "20"
      floorstyleborder = "3"
      floorstylealpha = "0.6"
      floorstylebordercolor = "0x000000"
      floorstylecirclecolor = "0xfafafa"

      * additionally tooltips for the hotspots can be activated
      floortooltip = "true"
    • Foldable attributes in edit mode
    • Some minor improvements

    UI improvements

    • A new UNDO / REDO feature has been added to make easier the modelling tasks inside the app.
      It can be used while creating geometry, moving objects, ... the undo / redo stack is cleared every time a new panorama is loaded.
      It can not be used for adding removing panoramas & references
    • Better visibility for the current selected tool
    • Press ESC to cancel a reference creation (when only first point has been done)
    • Shortcuts for every tool, so you can more easily / quickly change the tool
    • In the open project modal, double click to open the project
    • When creating a polygon or a extruded polygon you can use space to close the polygon, so you don't need to be looking back for the first point position
    • Automatically check if there is a new version

    New registration system

    In order to make more easy the registration system, now everpano creates a registration code, so you do not need to be entering
    • name
    • email
    • order
    • activation code

    For those who already registered the software, they do not need to do nothing, their license is fully compatible.
    Additionally they can generate the registration code from within the app, in case they would like to install it in a new device.
    menu Help -> License Information

    Click on the copy code button and the registration code will be copied to your clipboard.

    Latest krpano version

    It comes bundled with the latest krpano 1.20.2, and all the krpano plugins updated.

    What's next - Roadmap

    There are already many plans for some of the next new releases. Some of them are listed here :
    • Improved UI organization
    • More features on everpano UI
    • Measure tool for the tours
    • 3D object generation, from the model of the project
    • Floorplan creation for the navigator plugin
    • Automatically linked tours

    “Everything starts from a dot” - Wassily Kandinsky

  • Hi Jordi,

    Where to download the update, and updates for all extra's?
    Can't find in app.
    I only find free trial on website/download... or is that the latest version?
    No mentions about that..

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • never mind, your email crossed my post.


    Download the app from here https://everpano.com/downloads as always.

    As always ?? haha

    I find problems opening old projects and also previewing some of them.
    I'll try some more.. maybe restart computer first.

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • Hi Jordi,

    Thanks for update! Love the way to "alive" the panos in a new way... *thumbsup*
    Just installed the new app, but as tuur I can`t make a preview/render existing projects.
    Restart the computer didn`t fixed the problem.

    Moreover, I can`t even remove elements, I can add new lines and remove them, but not edit the existing ones...

    If I make a new project, everything works like expected...

    Installed WIN version.

    Any idea?

    Thanks one more time for your amazing app,

    I dindn`t register your software yet, could that be the problem?

    Edited once, last by svb (November 22, 2019 at 1:11 PM).

  • Hi Jordi,

    the update fixed some parts (I can delete/correct my existing polygons), but I can`t preview or export the project.

    Strange: When installing your updated version, everything seems to be fine, I could preview or render the project.
    But after restarting my PC, I can`t make a preview or render the project. All elements listetd in the "Project Tab" can`t be selected...

    What could i try? Should i send you the files?

    Best regards,

    Figured out, if the app is already open and I open an existing project, everything works fine. I can render/preview the project.
    But if I have closed the app and I open my project via doubleclick the *.ever file, the preview or render option does not work!

    Edited once, last by svb (November 25, 2019 at 10:37 PM).

  • Hi,

    Figured out, if the app is already open and I open an existing project, everything works fine. I can render/preview the project. But if I have closed the app and I open my project via doubleclick the *.ever file, the preview or render option does not work!

    Thanks for reporting that, I just checked and fixed. The same happens also when importing a project. I will upload a new release very soon, where this is an other small details are fixed.

  • Hi,

    There was a small error in the windows version, that did not allow to correctly register krpano tools in everpano 3D, and so the users who have the navigator Pro Plugin, had an issue registering the plugin.

    Now it's solved in the latest version, the app will notify you about the new release, and you can just download it from here :


    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    I just love it when I got those kind of suggestions !
    Fortunately, I just implemented a kind of shortcut that will help finding location of occluded regions. When creating a cube or an extruded polygon, after having set up the first 2 points ( a line ) by pressing shift + x you will get a representation of what would be a perfect ortogonal line, and not only this, but also a new point showing you the location of what would be an equidistance ( to make cubes , same size side )

    Please have a look at the video here :

    While I can see that this already implemented feature may cover some situations I also see it's not exactly what you initially meant.
    So I already have some ideas of how to implement your specific suggestion, but please, if you like go ahead and elaborate a bit more how do you imagine the process of building such a guides, I would be taking your suggestions into account.
  • Your example works only for mutually perpendicular surfaces, which is not always the case (this was shown in the video). In my opinion, guides (vertical and horizontal) would be more convenient. It would also be convenient to shift the guides without changing their direction. For example, I can draw a guide on a tile on the floor, and then slide it to the right place (lean against the wall).

    translation difficulties *huh*

  • There was a fatal error everpano today *thumbdown* , but that's not what I want to ask.

    Certainly, the efficient developer is already working on the instant repair. Does everpano check and send somewhere (collect, analyze, etc.) links to online projects? We noticed a strange, disturbing "blob:".

    We also asked about this on the FB group.

    Such a link is generated in each of our everpano projects.

    this is example link


    *question* *question* *question*

  • Does everpano check and send somewhere (collect, analyze, etc.) links to online projects? We noticed a strange, disturbing "blob:".

    Not at all.

    Maybe you can just perform a really easy test, by disabling in your online projects all the plugins related to everpano 3D (navigator, everpano_ui) and see what happens *wink*

    you will let us know, because on one side I can not see any blob: on the network and on the other I have no idea what this blob would be

    Kind regards

  • Unfortunately, this message is only from everpano projects ... I leave it for now, because I have a more serious problem.

    Projects get stuck at startup. Could you fix it? Thanx *smile*

  • Yes,

    That was a small but with huge effect bug in the plugin, that happened in those projects that user delete panos.
    I just created an intermediate update so all users that have a everpano3D license can download just now the new version of the everpano UI plugin, and get rid of that bug.

    Please go to this post to find the instructions on how to get the update for the plugin.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    We noticed a strange, disturbing "blob:".



    That's absolutely nothing special, that's just a web-worker thread loaded from an in-memory blob.
    There is no server access!

    krpano uses a web-worker thread for the 3d-depthmap-geometry generation to avoid a blockage of the main-thread, depending on the complexity and the system power this can take several 100ms. And to avoid the need to load a external .js file for the web-worker, krpano loads the embedded web-worker code from an internal generated blob. That's normal JS coding stuff and it depends on the browser how such blobs would show up in the browser developer tools.

    Just google for 'blob:' urls or have a look here for more information:

    Best regards,

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