• hello,
    I was create the plugin which contains several of action buttons (created in Flash via as3 interface)...
    when I include the plugin to krpano - it works fine..

    but.. ( always is but! ) *wink*
    when I trying to use this buttons as distorted hotspot... all included functions miss out.
    (distorted="false" - works fine)

    any idea?

    *smile* Have a good day!

  • I've found a workaround : targetting the parent.parent DisplayObjectContainer

    parent.parent.addEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onDown);

    this is working, except (there is always an exception ! *smile* ) for the

    parent.parent.addEventListener( MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, onDoubleClick );

    even with the doubleClickEnabled set to true ...

    Hope this help, ans still looking for a better solution !

  • my code:

    this.name1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, action1);
    this.name2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, action2);

    I don't know how to use the parent.parent.
    Can you help me please?

    *smile* Have a good day!

  • I tried this, but nothing.. *cry*

    *smile* Have a good day!

  • Hi,

    do you want to click single elements in your distorted plugin/hotspot?

    that's not possible yet, because to be able to draw the plugin distorted,
    it will be rendered into a bitmap, and this bitmap is used for rendering/displaying,
    and there is no connecting between the rendered bitmap and the original

    to make is even possible, it is necessary to catch all the mouse events
    over the distorted bitmap, remap the mouse coordinates from 3d space
    back to the 2d plugin space and send the modified events to the plugin,

    not so easy but doable of course
    but I hope I can provide this functionality in one of the future releases,

    best regards,

  • Maybe out of date, html5 more popular. Is html5 can substitute adobe flash? it can get the mouse click event but as3 can not yet? I see the demos, little of them use flash, but I have much "NEXT" bottons for users. Sorry for ask this before try the 1.8.

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