Webvr tilts when changing scene?

  • I have a tour working fine in both desktop and webvr, using the Oculus Go headset.

    There is an annoying issue, when clicking on a hotspot, the view starts to orientate to your head (if you're head is tilted, the view tilts to match) as it's transitioning. When merged, it's vertical again.

    Anybody know what is causing this? Any help greatly appreciated!


    Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    add the KEEPMOVING flag to the loascene calls:

    Then the current pano keeps rendering together with the viewing changes.
    Without KEEPMOVING the viewing movement stops and in VR this looks disorienting of course.

    As example you could also have a look into the default vtourskin.xml (in the skin_webvr_setup action), there the default pano loading flags will be changed when entering VR mode.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus. How would I implement this in PTP?

    I checked out Tim's tour link on my Oculus Quest and it seems to work not. The pointer does not get "stuck" and move the scene with your head before transition.

    Would I be able to do this in PTP by adding a call custom krpano code action to the hotspot? If so, can you place the line of code here that would work?

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    search in the PTP output xml files for lines like this:

    loadscene(%1, get(projection_current_params), MERGE, get(ptblendmode));

    and change them to:

    loadscene(%1, get(projection_current_params), MERGE|KEEPMOVING, get(ptblendmode));

    or to this to use the KEEPMOVING flag only when WebVR is enabled.

    loadscene(%1, get(projection_current_params), calc(webvr.isenabled ? 'MERGE|KEEPMOVING' : 'MERGE'), get(ptblendmode));

    Best regards,

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