Graphic context lost! Please reload......

  • Calling for help.
    I get this error in krpanotools very often:

    Graphic context lost!Please reload the page to continue....

    Imposible to add some more hotspots.The tour has 25 multires panos ( equi 16.000x8.000).
    Running on Win7(64bit), 24GB RAM and with free space on all HDD's more than 17GB.

  • Hi,

    you could try using the 32bit version of the krpano Tools application.
    That one uses a different NWJS/Chromium version as GUI framework, maybe that can help here...

    Additionally or alternatively you could try manually setting a smaller memory setting


    <memory maxmem="400" devices="desktop" />

    That might be able to help, but normally that shouldn't be necessary...
    I think the core problem would be more between the NWJS framework and your GPU drivers...

    Best regards,

  • It happens to me (and other users) some times... martyhr could you solve it changing to 32 bits? and klaus.krpano , is there any place where could we know on with device this issue will ocur? and also is there any effective diference between 32 and 64 versions?
    Is happening in the 20 version. We are makeing a videoconference integrated tour so that is a big problem for us...

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi guys,
    Seems like another few clues found.
    Console log warnings constantly appears when running on ubuntu 22.04, FireFox 106.0.1 (64-bit) during VirtualTour browsing.

    Some times scene's images falls down to black with:


    Graphic context lost!

    But skin is still on screen)

    Warnings from console:

    krPano console:

    INFO: krpano 1.20.11 (build 2022-03-07)
    INFO: HTML5/Desktop - Firefox 106.0 - WebGL
    INFO: krpano 1.20.11 (build 2022-03-07)
    INFO: Android 11 (SAMSUNG SM-G973U) - Chrome 87.0 - WebGL

    Have this black screen stuff on some Oppo phone as well. But can't trace | provide the console warning yet.

    Any ideas please?

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