All Hotspots are gone!

  • Hi @ all,

    i bought everpano on the Weekend. After some hours of practise ive got some very good Results out of it. So far, so good.

    Today i've worked 6h on a Tour, everything was perfect the 3d Model, die Pano Images it self and the Hotspots were very accurat. But now all Hotspots are gone and i cant bring them back. All the Hotspots are gone in Everpano and in the renderd Project also - i cant navigate in the by clicking the Hotspots.
    I've done nothing in Everpano, i just added some lines of Code in krpano - NO changes in Everpano.

    This is extremly frustating. I nearly crying in anger. *angry* *cry* *cursing*

    So my Question is, is there a way to recalulate the Hotspots or something? I mean all the References are there. The only way to show Hotspots is to see the Hotspots (On Mac) View --> All model geometry - This brings the Hotspots back, but in totaly wrong positions und they are also gone if i render the Project.

    May someone help me? I could send you the project by wetransfer.



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  • Just discovered this happens all the time now!

    I have the newest Version (Mac Version), even on an complet new Project, after i set the first Polygons. The Hotspots will begin to disappear.

    This makes Everpano absolutely worthless to me. *angry*

  • Powerful concept and fun to play with. Looking forward to a future interface that allows better modeling tools and housekeeping of the geometry. I can make some cools stuff, but get frustrated by a brand new program. As expected, it's buggy. However, I do recommend buying it as it's a good introduction to concepts that are about to sweep through our field.

    Thanks Jordi!

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