Using Krpano to make a hiking web app

  • Hi Weshbond,

    Interesting project. Being a hiking web app I will assume this is primarily intended to be used on a phone. But don't ignore that many people may also use it on a desktop, where you may want some different interface. Not sure what, if anything, that might be, however.

    Quick observations:

    With the plan open, half of the pano and controls are covered and the way the pano looks while moving is a bit disturbing. Consider placing the pano into an area. As you open/close the map, dynamically change the area so that none of the pano (or controls) is covered. Looking around in the pano with the map open will look much nicer and the left half of the controls will still be accessible. If you really don't want to do that consider putting the controls layer above the map layer so that controls remain fully useable.

    The map only opens from the left whether you are in landscape or portrait mode. That is fine in landscape but awkward in portrait. Consider changing to a map on top (or bottom) layout in portrait mode. You will need to add code in an onresize action to make the change automatically when switching the phone between landscape and portrait.

    Similarly, you want to reposition the map while closed when switching between portrait and landscape. As it is now either part of the map appears or the open button is off-screen, depending on which orientation you had when closing the map before switching orientation.

    I don't see a way to jump directly back into the ariel pano what location pano you are in. Personally I would expect that.

    Consider placing your location tooltips above the icon so it can be seen while your finger is pressing. As is it gets covered by the finger or easily lost behind the controls at the bottom, especially in landscape mode, or off-screen when the icon is near the right edge. Personally, with tooltip above, I would only show it while pressing. But if you want it to stay displayed consider having only one tooltip show at a time. Pressing another location icon should automatically close any open tooltip. One way to do this is to have only one tooltip hotspot and simply change its location to the icon being pressed while changing its text to that matching the icon.

    Good luck and let us know how this works out.

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