• I have tried to change skin to the new different skins available in the skinfolder like for example
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_117round.xml" />

    As far as I understand you should only change the include url.

    But none of the XML I have in my skin folder works.
    I actually just get no skin at all when I change it.

    When I look at the alternative skin.xmls they are not at all real skins but only have a couple of actions-

  • Ok I found out.
    But really it needs more information than what the tour.xml says to do it.

    !. you should keep the standard skin.
    Just ad the new include below it.

    2. Remove all the settings under design (in tour.xml) except the png which you need to change to the light version for the light designs.

    design_bgshadow="0 4 10 0x000000 0.3"
    design_thumbborder_bgborder="3 0xFFFFFF 1.0"
    design_text_css="color:#FFFFFF; font-family:Arial;"


    For an alternative skin design either change the <skin_settings> values
    from above or optionally include one of the predefined designs from below.
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_flat_light.xml" /> -->
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_glass.xml" /> -->
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_ultra_light.xml" /> -->
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_117.xml" /> -->
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_117round.xml" /> -->
    <!-- <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_black.xml" /> -->

  • its one concept to understand...
    by including an xml the source gets included at the position of the include tag
    in the end all nested files / includes result in a final xml
    this gets parsed and what is defined later overwrites whats defined earlier

    the skin_settings in your tour.xml for example
    is an overwrite of the skin_settings defined in vtourskin.xml

    all of this happens by merging, so you dont have to redefine everything
    just <skin_settings design_bgroundedge="5" /> is be enough to change the attribute

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