Shaky layer when autotour

  • Hello,

    I'm experiencing a strange case where when the autotour starts, my hotspot layer becomes shaky.

    Video here :

    The odd thing is that when I remove the parent relationship of my icon layer, it seems to stop the shakiness*mellow*

    What I have already tried, based on the messages I found on this forum :
    - removing center alignment
    - adding "accuracy=1" to my layers

    Here's the code

    <hotspot name="spot1field_double2" align="left" style="htspfield" ath="6.329" atv="16.251" onover="unwrap(spot1_double2, 150, Chambre dsouble);" onout="wrap(spot1_double2);" onclick="loadscene(scene_chambredouble2, null, MERGE, BLEND(0.5));"/>
    <hotspot name="spot1_double2" align="left" style="htsp" ath="6.329" atv="16.251" padding="0 0 0 30" wordwrap="false" roundedge="15"  />
    <layer name="icon" url="icons/p.png" align="left" x="7" width="15" height="prop" parent="hotspot[spot1_double2]" />

    I have Krpano 1.20.7

    Do you have any idea about this ?? Thank you !

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