Scale the content of a textfield?

  • Hi

    Is there a way to scale the content inside a textfield all at once?

    In my tour I have hotspots that open a popup layer that can contain text, links, images or even embedded youtube videos, basic html. I know you can scale the text by simply altering the size of the font but then the images and other content still stay the same size.

    The root of my problem is that the popups look too big on mobile devices because of the larger stagescale being applied in the default skin for mobile. I tried giving the textfield layer and its parent layer"0.5" but that doesn't affect the content of the textfield.

    The textfield layer is always the same, I just show/hide it and change the html through an action when the user clicks a hotspot if that makes any difference.

  • It seems that adjusting stagescale does affect the content of the textfield, even though the scale or mobile.scale attributes for the textfield layer do not. Is there a way to set a different stagescale for different layers?

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