Callout Hotspots plugin

  • When a callout hotspot is displayed his zorder is set to 1000.
    Just set your popup hotspot with a higher zorder.

    Hi Jerome,

    are you sure about this. I have a Tour where I have a hotspot with zorder="1001" but the callout hotspot is still overlapping the other one.
    Is there another thing I have to consider?

  • Perhaps use bgcolor="0xFF000000" transparent black..
    But i don't use this specific plugin.
    So.. i'm not sure what is made available.

    Hope it helps,
    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • I own both the panotour version and the krpano version and the panotour code has extra items that control mobile behaviour.

    I am working with the Krpano version and the desktop version looks great, but of course it is almost unusable on mobile.

    One of the features that would be great is"onuserclick" but this code is not working with the Krpano version.

    Are there any specific mobile controls for the Krpano version? There are numerous items that would be helpful in the Panotour code that I do not see listed in the Krpano version. Mobile controls are essential so I would like to know if they can be used in this current Krpano project now that Panotour has been murdered.

    My mobile callouts are totally unusable right now so I need to find a solution for this with specific mobile behavior controls.

    Below is some of the Panotour code from the skin.xml

  • Hello, callout overlap hotspot with zorder="1001".
    What should be done so that the callout does not overlap the hotspot?? I tried to put zorder in a separate callout style, it didn't work.

  • Hi,
    I really love the plugin! I have one feature request:
    Could you please enable more options for the title background, such as round corners and transparency? If possible, it would be great to have full configurability with CSS.

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