New User - first kr project, some 'easy' questions

  • Hi all

    Great forum and community here. Been browsing since I got the software a week ago. Just put up a 20 node aerial project here and got a few questions that I couldn't find on the forum ...

    1 - How to get the 'sound' using soundinterface to have a sense of rotation as you move the pano around.

    2 - How to have a background music track running quietly across the whole tour without a break

    3 - How to have a brief thumbnail come up when you roll over the default arrows

    4 - Can you layer sounds within a node?

    Pretty much it - very happy with it so far. I come from using Unity to do these so the spatial audio stuff is more like game design, placement against visuals etc:


  • Ah thanks, the old RTFM ... sadly the documentation has zero examples so to a lightweight coder relatively meaningless. The advantage of forums is people sharing knowledge. So for example, to activate rotational sound you do X or to layer you do Y ...

  • Yes just after I bought the software I went to all the documentation and examples I needed, then to the forum (still didn't find what I needed). The 3D example is not working for me, hence coming to the forum ...

  • To be more specific, simply want the ambient looping sound embedded in the scene to have position, the asyncloop rotation. An obvious example request for first users - when a person rotates the sound feels like it is moving. No easy documentation.

    Basic sound play

    <scene name="scene_19_Carne_Wall_Aerial_360" title="Carne Wall - Grose Valley - Sep 2020" sound="SFX-cicada-valley" onstart="" thumburl="panos/Carne_Wall_Aerial_360.tiles/thumb.jpg" lat="-33.654080" lng="150.331082" heading="0.0">

    Current action, click hotspot code

    playsound_at_hotspot(s2, 'wooble_bass.mp3', get(name), true, 1.0);			asyncloop(sound[s2], calc(scale,0.1+0.005*random); );

    What do I add to scene or perhaps to a hotspot or other position just to get positional sound play?

  • It's OK (read a few other requests with basic questions, all of them with responses like, been asked a million times, yawn, click documentation and search ) - will mark this forum down as 'Not newb friendly', avoid unless you are a coder ...

  • Thanks. Yes experimenting is good, for beyond basic stuff, but basic stuff should be documented in an idiots starter guide vs in the overall, lengthy documentation. Given many folk who buy this software are likely from the producer/photography background, it is a bit of a jump for them to be coding, even in basic XML type formats.

    The krpano tool is a nice GUI to get them started and build a basic hotspot tour, but there should be an idiots guide to do basic enhancements to the tour.xml that is generated. For example: IDIOTS GUIDE or beginners help ...

    1 - To add some nice sound functionality to your tours, call the soundinterface plugin, just add the following after the top line <krpano version ...> (copy paste the following) ... main thing to do, set the rootpath=" xxx" to where you store your audio files

    1a - To add a single continuous music track across your project simply add the line "playsound(bgsnd, music01.mp3, true, 0.3);" in the "action name" / startup action script... where 0.3 is the volume the file music01.mp3 is in your audio folder on the server.

    1b - To get a sound to play different on each pano on the tour add this script after the plugin script you did in 1 ... (script changescene action inserted)

    1c - To get the sound you have added in 1b to rotate when you move around the scene, just add this line instead of the playsound() one "playsound_at_hv(curaudio, get(_audiourl), 180, 0, 1000, true, 0.5, 360);"

    etc etc

    You know that sort of thing ... then I think more people would feel they could use krpano vs the usual reports of --- "don't touch krpano unless you use a coder' ... and yes I breathe (with an e) regularly ... and thanks for not ignoring! *smile*

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