Creating custom image-element does not work as expected

  • Hi
    I'm creating a custom droplet.

    Inside the scene-element I need an image-element.
    Something like this:
    <image style="Camera_001">
    <cube url="panos/Camera_001.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,640,1152,2304" />
    <depthmap style="depthmapsettings" center="300,0,0"/>

    Question 1

    For the style-attribute I added this in the vtour-normal.config:
    # image element parameters

    But this results as:
    <image style="[BASENAME]">
    <cube url="panos/Camera_001.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,640,1152,2304" />

    I tried with the following variants:

    None of them works. It outputs always the placeholder-name but not the dynamic Basename.
    What do I do wrong there?

    Question 2
    What do I have to do to get a depthmap-element inside the image-element?

    Kind regards

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  • Just solved it by putting the image-element with its depthmap-element directly into the scenetemplate (without a placeholder like [image]).
    Often I'm just to blind to see the most obvious solutions *wacko* *smile*

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