How to create High Resolution Panos

  • Hello dear community,

    I want to create 360 degree tours. Programming is the easy part, my biggest problem is that the 360 ° cameras are not delivering the quality I am hoping for.

    So far I had the goPro Max and Ricoh Thera Z1, which I will send back soon.

    Perhaps it is completely wrong to think that you have to create 360 ° images with a 360° camera and instead create them with several individual images.

    What can you recommend to me, what hardware do you use and what budget do you have. Can you get something reasonable for 1000-1500 €?

    I'm wondering if the Kandao QooCam 8K will give better results. Most 360 ° also make videos, I just need a high photo resolution.

    I am grateful for any help

  • At this price it will be difficult to find something suitable.
    I use a Canon 5d dsR with a 24-70L lens for high resolution panoramas with a Novoflex Vr II Pro System.
    With a focal length of 24mm, panoramas with approx 600 megapixels are created.
    The larger the focal length, the larger the panorama becomes.

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