Videoplayer with Vimeo in iOS block pano and delete hotspots

  • Good afternoon,
    First of all, congratulations on this great project.

    I put in situation the reason for this post:

    • I have a pano with a videoplayer as a hotspot and it works perfectly (in webgl).
    • If I use a video in local / ftp own domain there is no problem.
    • I have a PRO Vimeo subscription with which it allows me to have a URL of an uploaded video to be able to play on third-party players.
    • When using this URL in the videoplayer, on computers and Android it works perfectly. But if I view the panorama on iOS I can no longer interact with the panorama (it remains static) and all the hotspots disappear.

    (I repeat, it only happens on iOS, the rest works flawlessly.)

    But ... If instead of using Webgl I use css3d then it works on iOS, but for performance I am interested in using webgl. *cry*

    Any tests you can do or any ideas what might happen?

    Thank you very much for the system and support!

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