create a combobox with visibility false

  • I am trying to create a combobox that is triggered by a button, and when it is called the list opens.

    I have it working fine, by having a button that calls the layer visibility and the openList() function:

    <action name="toggle_menu">
    if(menu_on,set(menu_on,false);set(layer[menu].visible, false);,set(menu_on,true);set(layer[menu].visible, true);layer[menu].openList(););


    I can't seem to create the combobox with a visibility false. The combobox is created with an action with the last command setting the visibility, but all the same it shows up on start. I can still toggle it off using the button, but I want it to be invisible until called.

    I have the same problem trying to create a combobox with an action and immediately open the list.

    Any thoughts? I am assuming this is because of the command order, and I can't set the visibility or open the list because the box is not yet created... or maybe my assumption is wrong?

    ---------a little update

    I have confirmed it's a render cycles thing. I can get it to work if I add a wait(05); command before changing the visibility on start. It's not ideal, because the box flashes on and then off.

    Is there any way to create a layer that is not visible from creation?

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