level indexstarts from 1 but level set in descending order

  • * What it is *

    Level indexstart value has been 1 for default.
    It is always the same from krpano version 1.18 as i know
    However, i confirmed today that it changes the generated levels from ascending to descending.

    In 1.18 version, when making tiles with 12,000 x 6,000 px images,
    Level 1 was high resolution tiles.
    Level 3 was low resolution tiles.

    but now, In 1.20 version, (I don't know exactly from when)
    Level 1 is low resolution tiles.
    Level 3 is high resolution tiles.

    * What Problem is *

    I know and agree that this tile leveling is more natural and intuitive.
    But, I need to reverse order leveling like version 1.18

    * My Questions *

    1. Is there a way to set a level order ascending or descending in krpano Tools Config File?
    2. If possible, can I get the 1.18 version macOs/linux version krpanotools executable files?


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