Custom Development

  • This is probably mostly for the dev team but open to anyone that could help. My team wanted to know if we could get some custom development work done for some features for KRPano that our client is requesting.

    • Looking to get the XXS vulnerabilty fixed (cross-site scripting)
    • Also looking to get some features added for ADA/WCAG compliance

    If anyone on the KRPano dev team could respond or any programmers who would be interested in doing some custom work would be great. I believe most this work from what I have been told needs to probably be done to KRPano but that's the info I am trying to determine.

    Thanks in advance, would love a response!

    Chris Murphy

  • Hi,

    Looking to get the XXS vulnerabilty fixed (cross-site scripting)

    This is not a real bug and can be 'fixed' by setting the 'passQueryParameters' setting to false:

    In the next release this is replaced in the default templates with a new alternative possibility to explicitly allow only certain parameters to be passed.

    Best regards,

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