maketiles like I am 5yo

  • Hi Guys.

    I have old project generated in panotour pro, but I lost all the input panoramic images.

    My folder structure looks like this:

    where virtualtour0 is pano 0
    folders 0,1,2,3,4,5 are the faces of the cube.
    inside each face there is 0,1 and 2 folders that contains the tiles with different levels - 0 - one tiles 1 - 4 tiles folder 2 - 16 tiles.

    I would like to merge the 16 tiles into one image and then create a panorama. Can someone please explain it to me, like I am 5 year old?
    I am aware that I might need to rename the 0 to _f 1 to _r etc

    Edit, at the last folder tiles are named like this 0_0.jpg 0_1.jpg 0_2.jpg 0_3.jpg its first row, second row is 1_0.jpg 1_1.jpg etc


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  • Hi,

    as first step you would also need the xml files related to these images.

    And in the xml itself the <image> element is the important one - there the total-size, the tile-size and the filepath/url-template for the tile-images is defined.

    That means to continue please post the <image> element code from the xml that relates to these images.

    Best regards,

  • It looks like this.

    I did manage to execute one line of code to create one cube using this

    krpanotools64 kmaketiles F:\Lost\virtualtour1\_d\2\%%v_%%h.jpg _d.jpg 0 -insize=3487x3487 -intilesize=872 -inindexbase=

    but this mean that I need to paste this command 6 times for each panorama, and change the _d to other faces of the cube. Thats about 3500 lines that i need to paste to restore this project...

  • Problem solved.

    Since my panoramas were made as max size in ptgui, each one had different size.
    -insize=4436x4436 -intilesize=555 is different for each pano. Excel came in handy to read all xml files and list the values.

    in notepad++ I could create list of commands and paste hundreds of lines to cmd.exe to merge tiles.

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