The panoramic screen should not be manipulated with a mouse, etc. Is it possible?

  • Hello. I am a beginner developer using krpano in Korea.

    Please understand that I am writing through a translator.

    I'm currently rotating a panorama with autorotate on a site I'm working on, but the screen shouldn't move with the mouse, etc.

    I would like to know what to add to make these modifications.
    The content of xml is as follows.

    <krpano onstart="startup"><plugin name="webvr" postracking="true" /><display depthbuffer="true" /><view hlookat="-50.0"		  vlookat="-10.0"		  camroll="0.0"		  fovtype="VFOV"		  fov="110.0"		  fovmin="1.0"		  fovmax="179.0"		  maxpixelzoom=""		  mfovratio="1.333333"		  distortion="0.0"		  distortionfovlink="0.5"		  stereographic="true"		  pannini="0.0"		  architectural="0.0"		  architecturalonlymiddle="true"		  limitview="auto"		  hlookatmin="-50"		  hlookatmax="30"		  vlookatmin=""		  vlookatmax=""		  rx="0" ry="0"		  tx="0" ty="0" tz="0"		  ox="0" oy="0" oz="0"	/>
    <autorotate enabled="true"				waittime="1.0"				accel="5"				speed="30"				horizon="0"				tofov="90"	/>
    <action name="startup">		delayedcall(4, set(autorotate.enabled,false));	</action>

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