xml error when adjusting multires parameters?

  • Hi Hopefully just me being daft. *rolleyes*

    In the tour creator (MakeVTour) I have edited the multires tour parameters from 512 to 1024 tile sizes.
    This all works but when I review the xml the "1024" level appears twice and if I manually remove the first one it doesn't work?
    <cube url="panos/7010.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="1024,1024,2112,4224" />

    Does this cause a problem and if so how can I correct?

    Thanks in anticipation

  • my thinking is that there seems no need for 512 tiles for interior shots where no one really wants to zoom and the result of changing to 1024 tiles means the no of files is c. 1/3. Important if your hosting counts inodes.

  • after you drop an image you cant change the multires value and keep the same tiles folder.

    if you dont want tiles you can choose a different template in the droplet (normal.config)

    or you create a modifed version of the multires.config with different settings...
    there you could increase the tilesize, but then you need to create a new tiles folder with this template.
    (by drag & dropping your panos again)

  • thanks
    Perhaps i am geting this wrong but...

    I am refering to tile size not number of tiles... it is a byproduct of removing the 512 size tile level (before running the tour maker) that means when you produce the tiles the number of files is reduced to c. a third: a matter of mathematics.
    I did create a modified multires command with tile size changed and then dropped the pano file to create tiles.
    I think your original answer answered my point: i didnt realise the different meaning of the first number but that makes sense when I look at other xml outputs...
    Thanks again

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