No background sound in VTour Editor

  • Hello,

    I am new here and I want to thank you all for the help I already got
    by reading older posts on this forum, they’ve already helped me to
    go quite far building my first pano-tour. I however have a problem
    that apparently hasn’t been posted, also I’ve read quite a few
    posts talking about background sound problems.

    1/ I want to play a background music and I used the example:
    “Background Sound” on Sadly, I get the following
    error in the VTour Editor: “ERROR: Soundinterface Load Error:
    Loading failed”. The config for the VTour Editor is: “krpano
    1.20.10 and HTML5/Desktop – Chrome 32.0 – WebGL” and it all
    runs on Xubuntu. However when I run the same tour thanks to the
    tour_testingserver.exe on Windows 7 in Firefox Mozilla, no problem,
    the music plays after I click on the tour. Conclusion: the error
    message doesn’t come from a mistake in the coding, but is it a bug,
    an incompatibility? Or should I add something to my xml file?

    Also why “Chrome 32.0” does it mean Chrome 32 bit? That would be
    strange because I have a 64 bit Xubuntu and installed on it Chrome 64
    bit, and I believe that I have downloaded the 64 bit Linux version of

    2/ I also noticed that on the VTour Editor, I don’t have a “full
    screen” button on the display panel (I have to click right on the
    screen and then choose “full screen”, while with the
    tour_testingserver.exe, I have a “full screen” button on the
    display panel. Is it also a compatibility issue with Chrome?

    Note: I have checked that I have the latest version of Chrome

    Per advance thanks for your help!


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  • I've tried with the new version of krpano, that is: 1.20.11 64bits for Linux, and the same problems occur: no sound and no full screen button in the control bar when using the VTour Editor.
    Have a great holiday people!

  • Hi,

    the 'krpano Tools' application is a HTML5-app that runs on NWJS:

    That's a framework for making desktop applications and made out of Chrome and Node.js.
    That means it has a standalone Chrome browser build inside it. Whatever Chrome is installed on the system doesn't matter.

    The Linux version still uses a very old NWJS version with Chrome version 32 and that old Chrome browser has several limitations, like the limited media format support.

    That means theses problems are related to the old Chrome and old NWJS versions and not related to the tour itself.
    For future krpano version the NWJS usage has been already removed, then a better alternative will be used.

    Best regards,

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