Best way to render high-formated text in VR

  • Hey,

    I'm making a web-tool to create krpano-tours with a full visual interface (like panotour or something like that). I wanted to add possibility to create popup, but the visite needs to be full compatible with webVR/webXR.
    I started by popup on the html, but not works in VR. So I tried layers, but same problem here. I finally started to try hotspot text, which have a really good render with css3d, but not works in VR too... The webgl mode seems to have some problems not really helpfull, like not supporting list render (ul and ol), not support image rendering, and the text seems rough compared to the quality of css3d.

    So my question is: is there any way i can create popups that would works both in web and VR, with ideally possibility to render images, but that's not really mandatory

    PS: the goal is to allow users to create this popups with any kind of WYSIWYG editors.


    A front-end web developer, specialized in Virtual Tours and ReactJS

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