Sometimes, embedpano lost something, the parent of webGL.

  • Embedding Pano, with embedpano();

    I implemented onready attribute and all works good.

    However, sometimes I faced the below error when I too fast to call krpano actions before changing black screen to pano just in time (i don't know when exactly)

    Every single time when new pano loading. there are chances.

    VM41313:8 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'webGL')at Q (eval at B.e.loading (eval at embedpano (tour.js:10:73)), <anonymous>:8:73)at Object.l.callaction (eval at embedpano (tour.js:10:73), <anonymous>:1:92617)at Object.l.processTicks (eval at embedpano (tour.js:10:73), <anonymous>:1:96938)at ff (eval at embedpano (tour.js:10:73), <anonymous>:1:37166)at b (eval at embedpano (tour.js:10:73), <anonymous>:1:348535)

    It seems DOES exist the krpano instance in the code, i think because the pano works well.
    But it shows the error and freeze the screen. When only changing black to new panos (when right just before loading another pano)

    Since that, I have to setTimeout on 'onready' function for wait 0.5 sec for calling the first one of krpano actions.
    But it doesn't help, because it's not just 'instance ready or not' issue.

    Any Idea for this?
    Waiting for your advice. thanks.

    I'm using ;

    - Mac OS Monterey v 12.2.1
    - Chrome Browser Version 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (x86_64)

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