• Hi, yesterday the company I work for has purchased the everpano3d program and we really need the Navigator Pro plugin to make the transitions smoother and be able to use the walk inside panorama feature.

    But when checking the email for which the license was issued, and the check answers us the following:
    "Product does not exist! At least one of the products does not exist" Please help on the much needed navigator Pro the plugin.

  • I understand, but we can't buy the plugin through the site, for some reason it doesn't allow us to do so.
    And now the edit menu in the panorama is only a free navigator plugin

    When we click the buy button on the site and enter the working mail for which the everpano3d license was purchased, it knocks us out and prevents us from buying the version of the plugin Pro

  • JORDI, thank you. I'm already having control over those parameters.
    I see that they are fulfilled when the scene launched from the thumbnail.
    It happens differently if it is launched from the dolhouse.
    The A and D keys do not work as expected.
    But if with the keyboard arrows, but these have no limit, it is easy to get out of the panorama,
    How to limit that fast movement of the keyboard arrows?
    Since when these are activated they do not respect the parameters established for the zoom

  • Hi,

    Yes ramirox3 that was an answer for you, I just forgot to quote *unsure*

    You will see the setting in edit mode when you open the rendered project

    I open the rendered tour and we do not have all the settings, there is only a free version of the plugin, and the site does not allow us to buy the plugin for 30 euros

  • Dear Jordi.
    Help us solve this problem, we want to buy about the version and it is not sold for some reason.
    I know that only the free part of the plugin is integrated into Everpano, and we need all the settings from the full version.

    We really want to achieve smoothness in the tour, because we are rendering a space of 120 squares and there will be about 100 panoramas.
    We need all the settings of the full version of the Pro Plugin Navigator.


  • Hi,

    I know that only the free part of the plugin is integrated into Everpano

    If you are using everpano 3D version 1.4 then you have access to the pro version of the navigator plugin.
    You just need to set editMode = "true" in the declaration of the plugin in the main.xml file.

    If you have some further issue about that you can contact me via email at info@everpano.com, and if you share the url of the project we can take a deeper look.

    Kind regards

  • Dear Jordi.
    Thank you very much, I found all the settings.

    I also need a hint, I readjusted the control of walking on the arrows back and forth, and I really want the arrows to the right and left to simply rotate the camera.

    Arrows back and forth (walking) - and I did
    Left and right arrows (camera rotation) - and I can't find it

  • Hello there,

    I just bough the Everpano 3D 1.4 and would like to know how can I use the Navigator Plugin Pro in another KRPano project. I need it, because we create not only photo pano tours but cgi with 360 renderings too?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,

    I experience the problem with the software. I created a new project, imported and aligned the panos, but I can't start modelling. Please take a look a video. It look like a bug, impossible to create anything in 3D like polygon or cube. The program is just not working!


    UPDATE: it looks like the method to create 3d geometry was changed in new version, now you need to start with base point then high point and not three points on the floor and then high point. But there is still old tutorial videos on the website which can confuse people.

  • I also have many questions to ask. When I have more than one panorama in a project which are linked by references. By triangulating the existing furniture in the first panorama. The triangulation is reproduced in the other panoramas. Usually in a different place than the original. What occurs to me is to correct the site difference, is that a good practice? Should it be done? or is it better to triangulate the furniture in each panorama?
    A guide to furniture triangulation would be good. The basics of what to do and some warnings of what not to do.

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