portals in everpano 3D 1.4.1

  • Hi,
    I just want to make a quick overview about the portals in the latest release everpano 3D v1.4.1.
    First there was small issue that did not allow to delete portals, and that is solved now, so I encourage you to use portals in order to make a good registration of the different models in the 3D editor.

    So as you may know portals is a type of geoemtry that is not being represented in the final model, it's just a kind of helper that allows us to better register the location of our models in the 3d space.

    In previous version 1.3 the portal concept was represented by a white rectangle in the 2d space.

    Now in version 1.4 the concept is the same but instead of making a white rectangle, we are getting 2 cubes that defines the location of the vertical lines from the portal
    portal diagram

    That way when we get those small cubes then it's easier to find the correct position with other models

    portal registration

    Kind regards
  • Hi
    Can I use an Everpano portal to link two models of exhibitions held at different times in the same gallery?
    I realise I could simply link them but a portal would be more interesting.
    As a new user struggling with Everpano I could use some simplified step by step tutorials!

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