• Hi,

    I have setup the panorama inside browser window that is not maximized (for example 600x400 - screen resolution is larger -1900x1200). When I drag the panorama inside browser window, everything is working OK. When mouse leaves browser window while still dragging, and release mouse button while still outside browser window, dragging remains locked and mouse movement rotates the panorama like still dragging.
    The issue is reproducable in firefox and opera. IE seems to be ok.
    flash version is

  • Hi,

    thats a wmode related flashplayer/browser bug...
    the krpano viewer alone can't fix that (maybe it would be possible to fix that bug via javascript, but I can't say that for sure yet)

    when you remove the - wmode: "transparent" - setting it will work,

    best regards,

  • thank you for your swift response,
    it works as you have said.

    unfortunately that is not an option for me because I am overlaying images (HTML) over flash. There are workarounds, but too bad.

    best regards,

  • well,
    if there was an option to stop mouse rotation/drag, i could detect when mouse is on the edge of the flash block and send the command via js to krpano to stop dragging. that would be to send buttonup to krpano

    basically i can detect mouseup on the page via javascript. I just have to notify krpano to stop dragging

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  • I have solved the issue by creating simple plugin that explicitly sets view parameters (freezes rotation instantly) if the mouse is not over krpano - check and function call by javascript.
    btw MOUSE_UP event did not solve the issue. Maybe I did not dispatch event in actionscript properly because this is my first contact with it.

    javascript (jQuery):

     	if (!$(event.target).is("#krpano")) document.getElementById("krpano").sendToKrpano();

    plugin code:

  • I am having the same dragging bug in firefox with wmode transparent.

    The workaround posted by _matesko_ works great when the control.mousetype = moveto but it does not seem to work if the control.mousetype = drag2d. I also tried temporarily changing the mousetype to moveto and then calling lookto but as soon as you switch the mousetype back to drag2d, it continues dragging the panorama.

    Is there any other function that might stop the dragging? Or is my only option to wait for the next release (I am using 1.0.8 beta8)? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    just a short note:

    in the next krpano release ( the browser/flashplayer issues with wmode transparent/opaque and the
    mousewheel and the mouse up outside the pano will be automatically fixed by new krpano.swf and the new
    swfkrpano.js or swfkrpanomouseshweel.js (for swfobject 1.5 and 2.2) embedding scripts,

    best regards,

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