WebXR not functioning in Wolvic (Oculus headset)

  • There may be an issue with KRPano recognising WebXR capability in Wolvic. I've been in touch with Igalia directly but they believe it's a problem on the KRPano side.

    As an example this Krpano example VR site has reversed head tracking.

    When you run this test site in Wolvic on the Oculus Quest 2 it indicates that Wolvic has neither WebXR or WebVR capability but is a VR Browser. (in Oculus browser it shows both as available)

    It is possible to force webVR in Wolvic and then it works but by default Wolvic want to allow only webXR.
    Perhaps the device detection in KRpano needs to be adapted for Wolvic.

  • Hi,

    thanks for reporting!
    This is a bug in krpano and will be fixed soon in the next release.

    The reason was a Firefox-only workaround: as it seems older Firefox versions required inverted WebXR orientation values to get correct results...

    As krpano-based workaround it would be possible to add this line anywhere in the xml files:

    <events webvr_onentervr="set(device.firefox,false);" />

    I have posted this also here:

    Best regards,

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