krpano tour on local storage of Pico G2 4K

  • Hello,
    i saved a krpano tour on the local storage of the Pico G2 4K,
    but i cant open the the index.html and i cant open it in browser or firefox reality with /storage/emulated/0.
    How can i open the tour locally on the Pico G2 4K?

    what works, when i install ksweb.apk to make a local server, but isn't there an easier way...

    Thank you.

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  • thank you.
    it works with ksweb, i also managed to autostart ksweb and autostart the tour in the browser.
    but isnt there an easier way?
    there is an app called vrtourviewer. but it only works ok with pano2vr. krpano is not really/fully supported...
    is there a similar app to load a local tour?
    What i wish:
    no wlan/internet, so save and view the tour from the local storage and
    if possible autostart the tour when pico is switched on.

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