Pico Browser not recognised as mobileVR

  • This browser comes with the Pico Neo 3 and 4. The problem is that KRPano does not recognise the Pico browser as mobileVR. The Pico 4 enterprise is the most viable B2B headset solution for KRPano especially over here in Germany. Oculus is not even sold here because the government has an argument with Meta because it requires every owner to set up a Meta account.

    The workaround on the Pico Browser is to wait for the WebVR_onavailable and check if the webVR.device name is webXR. The shame about that is that information is not available when the XML is loaded so you have to delay until the event happens.

    In theory one could do some JavaScript to check the user agent but it would be cool if the KRPano device settings could recognise this browser straight away. I don't know if anybody else works with this browser - it would be nice to compare notes.

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