krpano Object software development project

  • Hello,

    Is anyone interested in a software development project focusing on krpano Objects?

    I have an immediate need to develop an updated version of the format visible here:

    There is a budget and a desire to move quickly.

    If you are an experienced developer and an expert in krpano, please reach out to me here: chris[at]

    Kindest regards,


  • Hello lastromntik,

    I am looking to perfect the user experience of the krpano object movie with a great deal of control over caching of the tiles, so that a 360 object with 160 frames can pre-load initial views and the tiles in those initial views would remain in cache to provide a seamless experience. There are examples in a few 360 object viewers with their own limitations for scaleability for a global brand website. So I am looking for a straight JS player solution and I love that WebGL is already incorporated into krpano.

    In fact I have many specific utilizations for impeccable pyramid imaging based object movies in the very short term. I am hopeful that krpano will be the solution I am looking for since there is also demand for insanely high resolution spherical panoramas for the same client profile.

    I suspect that the krpano viewer may have some limitations geared toward optimizations for spherical and panoramic vr which are counter productive in the use case for object movies.

    If you have thoughts on how to achieve this, I am happy to set up a paid project to move this forward.

    Kindest regards,


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