360 Video won't load

  • Hi all,

    I programmed a tour and there are two 360° Videos embedded, I simply took the code from the examples page, it worked perfectly fine before, but now it suddenly doesn't load anymore. It just stays black and says loading.... for a long time, so something seems to be happening that it won't load.

    I would appreciate help!

    I call the scene via a click action:


    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    it would help to have an url we can see to help.
    Can you try putting the plugin code outside the scene and add keep="true" ..
    and perhaps also put that action outside of the scene.

    Do you get any error in the log (press §) ?
    perhaps the path is wrong?

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • Thanks for your fast reply, unfortunately nothing seems to help. I changed the code as follows:

    <!-- include the videoplayer plugin -->  <plugin name="video"  url.html5="plugins/videoplayer.js"  url.flash="plugins/videoplayer.swf"  pausedonstart="true"  loop="false"  volume="1.0"  onloaded="add_video_sources();"  keep="true"            />  <action name="add_video_sources" >  videointerface_addsource('motorbike', '%FIRSTXML%/videos/KTM_360-Video_60mbits_60fps.mp4', '');  videointerface_play('motorbike');  </action>
      <!--........................ VIDEO PANOS ............................-->
      <scene name="videopano-motorbike" title="Motorbike 360° Video" onstart="sidebar_verstecken(); autorotate.stop();" >
        <!-- use the videoplayer plugin as panoramic image source -->    <image>      <sphere url="plugin:video" />    </image>
        <!-- set the default view -->    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="DFOV" fov="130" fovmin="75" fovmax="150" distortion="0.0" />

    Url to check would be: https://360perspektiven.com/projekte/ktm_beta2/index-de.html

    No error messages in the log concerning the video pano.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi,

    I see quite some errors in the log and also in the js console.
    The fact that they perhapse not all are 360 video related .. some are though.. they can make problems also for your 360 video part.

    I would strongly recommend to make a bare bone set up with 2-3 scenes and make that work.
    Then go from there and implement in your project.

    I would also take the toolbox out to see if that is the issue... can be.
    You use the old toolbox..(4 years od at least..)
    Better use the new one:

    Tuur *thumbsup*

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