Relative layer-positions?

  • Hi Klaus,

    is it possible to get a layers y-position relative to it´s parent?

    MAIN PARENT (scrollarea-plugin)
    |_____Child 1 (parent: main parent, align: bottomcenter, edge: topcenter)
    .........|_____Child 2 (parent: child 1, align: bottomcenter, edge: topcenter)
    ..........................|______Child 3 (parent: child 2, align: bottomcenter, edge: topcenter)

    If I try to grab the y-position of Child 3 it returns 0, of course. But how do I get it´s relative position on the scrollarea-layer?
    The problem is that if I automatically add a bunch of layers with unknown size (i.e. textfields or images with width=x and height=prop) to the scrollarea I can´t tell how large the scrollarea needs to be.

    And getting the pixelheight of a textfield in a short time is almost impossible. And adding a delay (delayedcall(1,get(plugin[get(name)].height)) is´nt really a solution if there are 20 textfield- and 10 image-childs *unsure*

    Thx in advance *g*

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