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    i'm trying to assign a new style to a layer via cssclass but doesn't seem to work, is that not possible?
    do I have to work the old way with 'layer.loadstyle' and no- css styles ?

    <layer name="menucontainer" type="container" alpha="0" autoalpha="true" flowchildren="v"childflowspacing="10" >
    <layer id="menubutton" cssclass="menubutton" type="text" html="INFO" width="145" padding="8 16" align="right" onclick="menuclick" />

    krpano.set('layer[menubutton].cssclass', 'menuitemselected');

    .menubotton {
    color: red;
    color: black;

    krpano 1.21 (build 2023-04-30)


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  • EDIT: Ignore this. I'm not sure why the below was happening before but today, saving the tour.xml file using a 3rd part xml editor does not reset the menu thumbnails.

    When setting the startup view for each scene via krpano tools, the menu thumbnails automatically update to the correct view. Saving the tour.xml file keeps the thumbnails views as set via the startup view tool.

    However, if I then save the tour.xml file using a 3rd part xml editor (I'm using XML Notepad) the menu thumbnails revert back to their default view. In previous versions this did not happen.

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    there is a minor bugfix release - krpano 1.21.1:

    • Fix: There could be a short flickering/empty-frame when using loadpanoscene() to load a <scene> that has an <include> defined inside it (report).
    • Fix: loadjs() action - loading encrypted files wasn't working.
    • Fix: Encrypt Tool - Allow encrypting any .js files, not just krpano plugins.
    • Fix: Scrollarea layers - the mwheel setting wasn't working.
    • Fix: The contextmenu could be opened on Android devices even when the contextmenu.touch setting was disabled.
    • Fix: When using the security.cors="use-credentials" setting, send the CORS credentials also for text files (xml, js, ...) and not just for images. (report).
    • Fix: The demo logo was wrongly shown on registered viewers when WebGL was not available.
    • Fix: Support Class-B local networks for local-only restrictions.
    • Fix: krpano Testing Server - Fixed crash when using Minimize to Tray (Windows only).
    • Fix: The Update Tool was wrongly removing the information about having an upgraded license when updating Panotour Pro files, that were already using a newer krpano version.

    The older version 1.20.11 also got some of these minor fixes.

    Best regards,

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    Changed the title of the thread from “krpano 1.21 (pre-release)” to “krpano 1.21”.
  • Tuur and me verified it and..

    it seems that there is a codesign issue on the macos testserver of 1.21.1 (and earlier 1.21 versions)

    codesign -vvvv krpano-1.21.1/templates/html/tour_testingserver_macos
    krpano-1.21.1/templates/html/tour_testingserver_macos: invalid signature (code or signature have been modified)
    In architecture: x86_64

    temporary fix using the terminal :

    codesign --force --sign - <drop the testserver here>

    dont forget the space before dropping the server, then after dropping press enter

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