Image resolution issues when using depthmap

  • Hello

    I'm making a VR Tour using Depthmap in Krpano 1.21, and I'm posting because there's something I need to solve.

    When I used vtour-multires.config to turn the panoramic image into a multires image, the resolution I saw was good. However, if you create a depthmap tour using that file, the resolution will be lowered.

    I am posting this because I am curious about why the resolution looks different even though the same image source is used.

    Looking at the attached file, the left is the maximum magnification of the tour using Depthmap, and the right is the maximum magnification of the image created using vtour-multires.

    There are a total of 16 VR images, and each size is close to 17,000 x 8,500.
    And, the same phenomenon exists in Krpano 1.20.11.


  • Hi,

    direct tiled/multires-rendering isn't possible when using a 3d-model, here the rendering is done into an internal cubemap and that will be mapped on the 3d-model. And the size of the cubemap is fixed and can be set with the image.cubemapsize setting.

    try setting this:

    <image ... cubemapsize="4096">

    Best regards,

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