• Right now I have over 10+ plugins and zorder / levels over 10. The more plugins I add, the slower the framerate / performance. All the plugins are just PNG or JPG files (basic images). Has anyone else noticed the performance issue with having too many plugins?

  • I just turned on the FPS plugin to see the framerate and at one point of the pano I have about 6 layers / zorder displaying all at once and the framerate drops to about 25 fps from the original 60 fps and that's on a fast quadcore machine with a good graphics card.

    But I am thinking this is more of a Flash limitation than a krpano issue. Maybe the same can be done in SPi-V on Shockwave with no performance issue, who knows. *mellow*

  • Hi,

    krpano doesn't do much calculations on plugins/hotspots so that it could effect framerate,

    but if the images are very large and/or there are several blendmodes used,
    it's possible that flash need much time to render them,
    note - flash rendering is software only, that means some effects like blendmode, alpha,
    and so cost a lot of performance,

    do you have a link to this pano?
    maybe I could tell you more then...

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